Transforming into Louie's Life!!! by Yoatzi - 1 week ago

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@Smashboxcosmetics Photo Finish Fresh Setting Powder is now available at @UltaBeauty ! http://bit.ly/2jZkZqG

We finally decided that it was time for my brother to do my makeup to see if we really do look alike!! To accomplish the look, we used products from @smashboxcosmetics to make sure I achieve the Louie Look!! This was so fun to do and at the end we left it up to you guys to decide if I really do look like Louie or not!!
#SBXSettingPowder #ad


Products used:

@smashboxcosmetics Studio skin full coverage 24 Hour foundation
@smashboxcosmetics Photo finish oil & shine control primer
@smashboxcosmetics Photo finish fresh setting powder
@smashboxcosmetics Denim eye shadow palette
@smashboxcosmetics Full exposure mascara

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