Ben (My Husband) Does ASMR by Gibi ASMR - 2 weeks ago

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Another charity milestone!!!! Ben does ASMR! I'm loling. He wouldn't stop looking at me for affirmation. He did great!!! And the title makes me feel old omfg lol. He's spent so much time with ASMR people the last 3 years it came more naturally than I thought ha! He's got such a nice soft speaking voice so I made him do some of that around 3 min in, but most of it is whispered! I gave him some props and let him do what he wanted! AKA... asked me what to do LOL.
For all of yall wondering what Ben looks like. There you go! We are married and have been together for over 5 years :)
Our ~story~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkWFoQg4144&t=1515s

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