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We've picked out the best of Stranger things season 3 details and Easter eggs!

What's wrong with New Coke? What does the actor David Harbour think of his new style in season 3? How many Ghostbusters references were there? And the most important question: is Hopper really passed away?

Have you noticed the blue hairband on Eleven's hand in season 3, which she hadn't left even for a minute? In fact, it's not even a hairband, but a hair tie that belonged to Hopper's daughter, Sarah. Mrs. Wheeler, Mike's mother was reading near the pool another book of this same author in the scene in the bathtub in season 2!

Chief Hopper, who can be spotted watching Magnum P.I. in episode 1, obviously takes more than just professional inspiration from Tom Selleck's enchantingly mustachioed detective; the rather flamboyant shirt he picks for his dinner date is the same one that Magnum wears in the show.

All the fans after Stranger things ending discuss is Hopper really pass away? But after post credit scene we are sure that we'll meet Hopper in season 4!

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