Elsa's Powers In Frozen 2 Have Changed In A Big Way by TheBinger - 3 months ago

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Frozen 2 Will Show A New Side Of Elsa
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Frozen 2 is taking the winning formula of the first movie’s elemental magic and diversifying. Not only will there be ice, but also its other form, water, as well as earth, wind and fire.

It may be Elsa who holds the reins to these elements (she definitely does for that water-horse), but it could also be some members of her immediate family, even the deceased ones. Through this deceased relative (her mother, Iduna) she Elsa could also have blood ties to the Northern Notruldra people who, although intimately connected to nature and the supernatural forces behind it, have been trapped in the enchanted forest for years by a thick fog.

Regardless of how they do or don’t change, Elsa will once again have to struggle against her powers in Frozen 2. They mark her as exceptional but also separate her from everyone else. Maybe this time around she’ll have another magical friend, or two.



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