25 Mysteries And Plot Holes Pixar Movies Left Hanging by Screen Rant - 1 year ago

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Pixar is the leading animation studio that has brought us some of our favorite films and the most loveable characters. John Lasseter and the Brain Trust has come up with some of the most beautiful thought provoking and fun films for children and adults alike. But even the top studio, bought my the big old D, Disney, can leave us some mysteries and even slip up with some plot holes. “Toy Story” with Buzz Lightyear and Woody seem a little shady once we get to the surveillance cameras in “Toy Story 3.” From “Ratatouille” moral issues, to “Inside Out’s” obvious solution, and “Wall-E’s” Eve’s over ammunition, there are plot holes a plenty that will shock you!

“Monsters Inc.” has some parental issues, but it was “Monsters University” that actually created a problem in the first film. “Finding Dory” and “Finding Nemo” each have their own shocking holes, and “The Incredibles” isn’t as perfect as we all thought. “The Incredibles 2,” “Tangled,” “A Bug’s Life,” “Coco,” and “Brave” have the craziest plot holes that will shock your “Up” ballon right off! These films have their own secrets and we can’t wait to reveal them all to you...see how many you caught and be shocked about the ones you didn’t. You’ll never watch these entertaining movies again.

Now let’s get into this and discover all the mysteries left along the way and plot holes that we’re going to reveal...believe us there’s more than you can imagine or catch for that matter! To infinity and beyond!

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