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Meet the new educational cartoon for kids about wooden truck and colorful shapes! The truck sorter has lost all the shapes and needs your help to collect them. Let's repeat the shapes and their colors to help them get back in the truck!

Our team:
Idea: Maria Druzhinina
Producer: Kostiantyn Feshchenko
Executive producer: Volodymyr Mordvin
Screenwriters: Nikolay Shamkin, Iehor Zinoviev, Anastasia Sidorenko
Painter: Andriy Pryslopskiy
Modeling: Valeriy Izmailov
Texturing:Ihor Yasko, Oleksandr Donchenko
Rigging and animation: Oleg Malenkyi
Lighting and Render: Ihor Yasko
Editing and colorcorrection: Hanna Arkhanhelska
Music: Yuliia Mozharova
Copyright: SeeZis Media

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