💪 10 BEST BRAIN-TRAINING CRIME RIDDLES 👍 by 7-Second Riddles - 4 months ago

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Boost your IQ and detective skills with the best brain-training crime riddles! They will make your head spin! Try to solve at least half of these riddles right to increase your intelligence and critical thinking. And, of course, you're welcome to share your answers and thoughts on these brain games in the comments below ;)

00:14 - This difficult crime riddle will tease your brain and make think really hard! Get ready to boost your IQ ;)
01:41 - Where is the terrorist from? Turn your logic and attentiveness on to solve this tricky brain teaser!
02:52 - A mind-blowing riddle to test your ability to think outside the box! What should she do?
04:10 - Who is Dupic's partner in crime? Turn your logic on and try to crack the code before the time is up!
05:34 - Test your logic and critical thinking with this riddle and find the killer before the time is up!
06:43 - Who's the terrorist? Look at these people and try to find the terrorists! Be attentive to the details and don't forget to turn on your brain ;)
09:08 - Mrs. Stone found her husband's body in the living room! Who killed him?! A difficult brain teaser on crime to test your IQ!
10:42 - Boost your logic with this short crime puzzle! Who killed the granny? Leave your answer in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last teaser!

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