George H.W. Bush’s funeral program for Texas services Thursday

Thousands gather in Houston for final farewell to Bush

Thousands gather in Houston for final farewell to Bush

12,000 people reportedly turned out overnight to view President George H.W. Bush’s casket at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church; Casey Stegall talks to mourners in Texas.

Former President George H.W. Bush is finally home in Texas where he will be laid to rest later Thursday.

America's 41st president died late last week at his home in Houston at the age of 94. Following three days of tributes and a funeral at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., Bush's casket was brought back to Houston late Wednesday night.

More than 11,000 people have paid their respects to Bush as he lay in repose at St. Martin's Episcopal Church, where his family has long worshiped.

The final funeral will begin around 11 a.m. ET Thursday at St. Martin's Episcopal Church. After, Bush will be taken to the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University where he will be laid to rest alongside Barbara Bush, his wife of 73 years who died in April, and Robin Bush, the daughter they lost to leukemia in 1953 at age 3.

Read on for a look at the funeral program.

Arranged by Jari A. Villanueva

"America the Beautiful"

"O Beautiful for Spacious Skies"

"This is My Country" by the St. Martin's Parish Choir

"The Star-Spangled Banner"

Lamentations 3:22-26; 31-33 by Marshall Lloyd Bush

Psalm 23 by Barbara Pierce Bush, Noelle Lucila Bush and Elizabeth Dwen Andrews

Former Secretary of State James Baker

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush

1 Corinthians 12:31b – 13:13 by Georgia Grace Koch and Nancy Ellis LeBlond Sosa

"Eternal Father, Strong to Save" (verses 1-2)

John 11:21-27 by Rev. Martin J. Bastian of St. Martin's Episcopal Church

"Eternal Father, Strong to Save" (verses 3-4)

Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson Jr., rector of St. Martin's Episcopal Church

"Amazing Grace" by The Oak Ridge Boys

"The Lord's Prayer" by Reba McEntire

Rev. Peter G. Cheney, chaplain of St. Ann's Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport, Maine

Rev. Dr. Susannah E. McBay of St. Martin's Episcopal Church

Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, bishop of The Episcopal Church of Texas

"Onward, Christian Soldiers"


The Bush family will depart the church following the service around 12:15 ET. Later in the afternoon, the specially-designed train dedicated to the former president more than a decade ago will depart with the family and Bush's casket for College Station.

The trip is about 70 miles and will take more than 2 hours to complete.

Bush's casket is scheduled to arrive at Texas A&M University around 4:30 ET where a ceremony will take place.

Following the ceremony, Bush will be interned at George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University during a private event.

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